Montag, 25. August 2014

[event] CosDay² 2014

Hey little bats

I'M BACK! ♥ I spend too much money to fix my notebook again, but now I'm back to the internet. *party hard*

Last month I went to a convention again, with some friends. I already visited the CosDay² 2012 and had a super-nice day there. This year I came back and ... GOSH IT WAS FUCK'N HOT!!!! *melting* I thought about my Arale Norimaki Cosplay for that day, but it was just too hot! No way, using a wig on that day! (≧ω≦)''
So I came without my Cosplay and looked like melting shit. *ha ha* Anyway, I had a nice day with friends and did a little bit otaku-shopping.

 stuff I've bought

I also met some nice people there. Some friends I found over YouTube and also some old friends from the time when I visited a lot more conventions and did much more Cosplays.... (looong loooong time ago *ha ha*) 
It was too hot to make any good photos of the awesome Cosplayers, but I took some of the gallery at the Nord-West-Zentrum

some cosplay stuff

Final Fantasy figures (。♥‿♥。)

 fimo art 


amazing gallery of Sailor Moon merchandise

I regret that I didn't made any photos of the Cosplayers.... SHAME ON ME!!! (╥_╥)
Next time I will take more!!! *promise* 

Do you like anime and manga conventions? 
Which was your favorite convention-moment ever? 

Thanks for reading. (눈_눈) ♡

Dienstag, 5. August 2014 internet

Hey little bats

At the moment, I'm at a friends tablet, because my notebook dosen't work anymore. *cry* I hope I can fix it and don't need a new one.... I really don't have the money for it, at the moment. (T-T)
Anyway... I hope I can come back and blog again, soon as possible.

Stay tuned!

- Miya