Mittwoch, 20. November 2013

[music] "... what's the name of this song??"

Hey guys (^-^) 

I saw this little tag-game at Yuu Giri's Blog and thought it would be a nice idea to do it. I tryed my best to translate the questions, but if i made some mistakes, please don't kill me. I know my english is bad. (=_='')

1: Which song are you listening at the moment?

It's this one. (^-^) It's a cover from SNSD's 'Gee' and I really love this version of the song. 

2: Which kind of music do you prefer?
Uff... I listen to a lot of music, nearly 24 hours/day and also to many different kinds of music. The most is rock music, but I also listen to pop music, heavy metal, sometimes hip hop and classical stuff, many anime songs and soundtracks from movies and so on. As you see, it's really a lot! (XD) 

3: With what kind of technical stuff do you listen music?

My notebook, my CD-player or my MP3-player. 

4: Who is your favorite singer and band?

The most of you will know already know this fact about me, but 'Dir en grey' is my absolutely favorite band ever! I just love their music and I listen to them nearly every day. I own some of their CD's and saw them a few times live, but I never get enough of them. I'm just addicted to them. 

And my absolutely favorite solo singer is 'GACKT'! I know, many people don't like him, but I'm a huge fan of him, since 13 years! His music is just amazing and he reached so many things in his life. He is working so hard for everything and sometimes I just want to be like him!

Since 2011 I'm also 'fade' turned to one of my favorite bands. I found them through their singer Jon, who was the twin-vocal of GACKT in 'Yellow fried chickenz' and fell in love with them. I own nearly nothing from them, I never saw them live, but I could listen to their music every fucki'n day!!! I just love every song!

 5: Which was your first CD ever?
To be honest: I don't really remember. But I'm pretty sure it was one from the 'Spice girls'. (XD) Yes, I was really crazy about them and sooo happy as I got my first CD by them. (XD)

 6: Are you good at singing?
 No. Nooooo... totally not!!! ...but I'm doing it again and again! (XD)

7: Which are your favorite songs if you are in a good mood?

Of course there are many more, but I think this would be to much. (XD) 

8: ...and if you are in a sad mood?

I could show you tons of songs now, but I think 4 are enough, right?

9: Which is your favorite song at the moment?

NEVER ask for my favorite song! I love so many songs and if I could only choose one, I would think my whole lifetime about it. (XD) Every song I showed you in this post is one of my favorites and there are so many more! Music means a lot to me, so I can not choose only one. But if it's okay for you, I will show you some of my favorites:

and so many more

That't all. I hope you enjoyed it and did you listen to all the songs? Tell me what's your favorite song! (^-^) 

Mittwoch, 13. November 2013

[random] Good days // Bad days

I'm sorry for not bloggin very much, at the moment, but my days are still boring and I just do nothing! This picture shows exactly what I do at the moment and I just feel not able to do anything else. I feel tired and bad at the moment and nothing happend here...

I hope I can show you interesting stuff, soon as possible. Maybe I just should go outside and show you everything I see, but I think this would be boring too. (XD) If you have any wishes for new posts or stuff, just comment below. I will try my best to blog more in the future! *fighting*

By the way: I made a new video about all my anime figures. I talked only in german, but if you like to see my figures, you can watch the video even if you don't understand what I'm talking about. (XD) I was asked to do this video, so I did it. I hope you like it. (^-^)

Dienstag, 5. November 2013

[random] Omg... I finally got it!!! (*_*)

Hey guys (^-^)

At the moment everything is boring here. I don't know what to write about, because nothing happend in my life. (=__='') 

BUT... I got something I would really like to share withyou! Maybe you know that I really love GACKT and after the 'BEST OF THE BEST vol. 1' , this year, he sold a PVC figure of him as a chibi character called 'GAKUCCHI'. I was lucky enough to have the money for it and pre-ordered it *here*. The release-date was last month so I had to wait really long for my order. (From July to November) But it's okay, I'm so glad and proud that I was able to buy this wonderful figure and would never regret it! 

Take a look on my little darling! Isn't he adorable??? (*Q*) What should I say.. I just love him and can't wait to create a diorama for him. I will do better photos soon as possible and if you want, you can take a look on the little unpacking video, I made. It's only in german and a litte chaotic, but I hope you like it. (^-^)