Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2013

[random] I'm still alive!

Hello my lovely pumpkins (^-^)

Halloween is near and it seems I'm the only one who didn't post a tutorial or something like that. *ha ha* I just LOVE Halloween, but this year I feel really strange. I'm in a sad mood and don't have a good idea for a make up or costume. Some friends will come to my house and we will do a tiny party together, so I shouldn't be in such a bad mood, but I can't help myself. I think it's because of the cold and grey weather. I love autumn, but at the moment it's just worst here. (^-^'')

How will you spend Halloween this year? Do you have any plans or a costume?

This was my boring look, a few years ago. I did in in 5 minutes, because I came home a few moments before my friends came over. (XD) 

I wish you a...    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Freitag, 18. Oktober 2013

[event] VAMPS @ Berlin 2013

Hey guys (^-^) 

I wanted to do this post a few days ago, but I couldn't find my camera. (=_=) I'm sorry, but now I found it and here we go... !!! 

I did this little trip, together with my best friend and we had such a good time together! (*Q*) Because of the holiday we didn't got a a spacial deal from the 'Deutsche Bahn' so we booked two places for a bus and paid a very good price for it. The only bad point was... we drove arround 9 hours!!! (=_='') Sometimes I felt really bad on our way and I was so glad as we made a little break and I could leave the bus. Take a look on the photos I made from our way...

 our bus (^-^)


super-tired me (XD)

the weather was pretty good

still on the way to Berlin...

Yase and me (^-^)

ha ha, i like it 

 omg i love them sooo much!!!

traffic jam (=_='')

 bye bye bus (XD)

iKorb! (XD)

Because of a traffic jam, we were a little delayed. So we drove directly to the Kesselhaus! Thanks to Kai who helped me a bit with the way and thanks to some cute japanese girls, we followed, we finally reached the hall! (*Q*) First I met Kai and spend some time with her and her friends and it was nice to meet her again. But than we went to the other fans, who were waiting infront of the hall. 

the staff-guy who filmed the fans all the time

As you know, I never bring my camera into the hall. I don't like to make photos all the time. I just want to enjoy the music, the band, rock with them and just have a good time. So, sorry I can't show you photos from the live. 
But it was pretty cool!!! HYDE was charismatic like hell, his voice was so deep and he looks so cute while dancing arround. KAZ also had his special moments. He smiled a few times and it seemed that he really enjoyed the live! But my hero was Ju-ken. A few years ago, he was at GACKT's band and later he joined VAMPS as a support-member. He is crazy, amazing and just... THE BASS!!!! This guy is really awesome! If you don't know him, you should really check him out. *fangirly moment* 

I found the setlist online, I hope it's the right one

  1. (English version from SBR'R)
  2. (David Bowie cover)
  3. (English version from SBR'R)
  4. Encore:
  5. (English version from SBR'R)
Anyway, the concert was just awesome and I would go again and again to VAMPS concerts! It was really a dream to see HYDE live after such a long time. L'arc en Ciel was one of the first japanese bands I ever listend to and I love their music so much. I never saw HYDE before, but it was a big wish and now I was able to see him with VAMPS and this was just... WOW! And KAZ and Ju-ken... I really like them both, so this was just a perfect night, for me! 
After the concert, I bought some merchandise for me and Yase. They had really good prices, only 2€ for a poster and 5€ for the wristbands. Yase also bought the super amazing 'bite aid' for 20€. (*_*) I also met some friends in the hall and infront of it. I didn't knew that so many will visit this concert too, but it was really nice to meet them all again.

Because it was really cold and we were damn hungry, we decided to go back to the mainstation and eat something at Mc Donalds. We also met some fans there, who also had to wait for their train and we talked a bit about the concert and about the VIP. Later we had to leave, because the Mc Donalds closed. (=_='') So we went to the only warm place at the whole Berlin mainstation: The garage!!! (XD) 

our merchandise: a shirt, wristbands, bite aid and posters

(i took this from facebook) our amazing group. It was so funny and great to spend the time with all of them

Around 3:15am we had to leave the group, to buy some drinks before we take the train, back home. I really hope to see them all again, someday. (^-^) 

We took the train at 3:40am and because the train was nearly empty, we had the luck to have one of these little rooms, just for us. But we were damn tired and just wanted to sleep a little bit, so we tryed it. I really hate to sleep in trains, I'm just too paranoid for it and always afraid that someone could steal my bag, or something. (XD) But this time I was just too tired and slept for a few hours. I woke up a few stations from Mannheim away, so I had time for some photos...

 extrem tired (XD)

my sleeping place (XD)

the last train (*_*)

I was sooooo happy as we finally reached Heidelberg and I just wanted to go home and sleep the whole day... BUT I had to go to my mothers place and help her with some stuff. *died* And later two friends came to my house and so I had to wait a looong time, until I could finally sleep. 
It was a heavy, but very cool trip and I enjoyed the concert so much! I hope I will see VAMPS again. (^-^)

Do you like VAMPS? 
Did you ever saw them live?