Mittwoch, 25. September 2013

[event] Connichi 2013

Hey (^-^) 

On the 14th september, I went to the Connichi for the first time after 8 looong years! My last Connichi was 2005 since this time I always wanted to go there again, but every year I had some trouble or problems and couldn't go. But this year, I finally did it!
I was there for only one day, but it was better than nothing and I hope, next year I can stay for two days.

Our journey began very early. I slept only a few hours, because I had to wake up around 3:30am! It was really horrible... Anyway, Minako and Alex came around 4:45am and we called a taxi... but didn't got one. No one answered the phone and I had to wake up my brother who was nice enough to drive us to the mainstation. (Thank you so much! (>/////<))

Some first shots on the train...

my lovely Mickey totebag

the ordinary mess (XD) 

Yase with her pinky hair


Moi with glasses and without (XD)

Minako was the only one of us who cosplayed on that day. This is her Seto Kaiba >Battle city< cosplay. It looks really cool!

On the last photo, we already arrived in Kassel. The weather was horrible! It was rainig all the time and it was a little bit cold, but we knew this before, so it was okay. We took the next train to the Connichi and I was really glad as we finally arrived! 

So many people and nice Coslayers! I was really excited and couldn't wait to go in! 
First I was a bit confused where to go now and everything was bigger than I thought, but a few moments later, it was okay and we started with a little bit shopping. I also met Daniela, my penpal who I met the last time in Duesseldorf and I was really surprised, because I totally forgot, that she will be there, too. (XD) 
I also saw a girl who made life painting and I think her art was quite amazing! As I saw it the first time, it was just black and white, but later I saw she coloured some parts and I loved it even more! I really had to make some photos of her art! 

Isn't it beautiful?

I wanted to meet so many people on this day, but I only met two of them. (T_T) But I'm still very happy that I could meet Kai after such a long time. The last time we saw each other, was the Hanami 2012 and now she moved and I don't know when we will meet again. She is a really good friend and I hope she like the little present I gave to her. Unfortunately we didn't made a photo together... (>_<) I think I have not a single photo with her... I should really start to make more photos with my friends together! (XD)

But I made some random photos of my little group, so I hope you enjoy them. 

while taking some funny photos (XD)

my shopping bags (XD)

Kaiba-sama seems not amused 


Mickey-san (XD)

I really like this photos (^-^)

We spend a lot of time with shopping and making photos of the stuff they sold at the Convention and the wonderful Cosplayers. I had so much fun and made a lot of nice photos and I bought so many cute things. (*Q*) It was just amazing! Okay, the weather was really disgusting, but who cares? I will definitely come back to the Connichi and maybe I will also do a Cosplay again. Years ago I had always a Cosplay on such events, but since a few years I didn't had the money for it. Maybe I should do it again, because it was so much fun! 

As I said, I made a lot of photos from random places and stuff...

the entrance

 Oh my god!!! I saw this huuuuuuuge Nemuneko! 

She is so damn cute. I loved her so much in the anime but her story is so sad. (T_T) Do you know her?

I just love the figures (^-^)

Many manga for cheap prices 

 Some cute uchiwa, my favorite is the one of Tony Tony Chopper (^-^)

Perfect for Halloween and Cosplay!

Gloomy Bunnys? 

Wonderfull Pullip dolls, I totally fell in love with the right one.

Super-cute My little pony plushies 

I fell in love with this kitty

The sold so many One Piece figures (*Q*)

Miku chan is damn cute! I want them all!!!

I love Kakashi (*Q*)

Chichi looks so cute here.

I'm sorry for the blurry photo, but my camera didn't work good because of the glass.

 They sold so many alpaca plushies, but I didn't found any purple in the size I want (T_T)

Ufo catcher dolls

So many adorable and cute phone straps and mini plushies (*Q*)

Chinese Miku is so damn cute!


K pop stuff

NeoTokyo also had a booth there

 In these words is a new and very popular BL manga

Sailor Moon (*Q*)

I really love it

I only read the first volume of this manga, but this picture is really nice.

Isn't she cute?

Wow... I really like this one. Isn't it beautiful?

They sold tons of adorable stuff and these are only a few photos of the things I saw there. Of course I also bought some stuff, but I will show it to you later. (^-^) I also got many flyers and such stuff for me and my friends. Maybe I will also send some of them to my penpals. I really love the fact that you get tons of nice and colourful flyers on such events. Some of them are really pretty or you can get some with special offers and so on. Very useful!

Because of the bad weather, I didn't made a lot of photos from all the nice Cosplayers. I wanted to make tons more, but there was just no time for it. (>_<) Anyway, I made some and next time I will try to make some more. 

Her dress was really amazing

Wondeful Yaya Han, she is just an amazing Cosplayer

Ludwig from Ludwig Kakumei and she was so freindly and nice (^-^)

Queen of hearts and the white bunny from Alice in wonderland

She looked really beautiful

A kind of Grell? (XD)

What should I say about this... This was the best moment of the whole day! (XD)

Arround 7:40pm we went back to the mainstation, to catch the train around 8:20pm. The journey back home was okay, but we all were really tired and just wanted to be at home and sleep! (XD) We reached Heidelberg after midnight, so we had to wait for a nightbus to drive home, but I was sooo happy when I finally was at home and could sleep! (XD) 

I guess you all want to see what I've bought on the Connichi, right? But I didn't managed it yet to make the photos of all the stuff. SORRY!!! (>_<) I try to make the photos this week and show them to you on the weekend. 

So stay tuned! (^.^)

...btw do you like my new hair colour?