Donnerstag, 29. August 2013

[random] Award + Akai Kuchibiru giveaway

Hey (^-^) 

I got the LIEBSTER award, again. This time lovely Amaya Yume tagged me, but I think I will tag no one, because I made this tag a few month before and I have nooooo ideas for new questions. Sorry. 

- answer the 10 questions
- give 10 new questions
- tag some bloggers which have less than 200 readers

And now the questions from Amaya Yume:

 1. Your favorite singers and bands?
-> My absolutely favorite band is Dir en grey and my favorite singer is GACKT! They are totally different but I love their music so much and even if I love much more musicians and bands, these are my two favorites. 

2. Do you like Animes? Wich one is the best you've ever watched?
-> I love it. Since my childhood I love watching Anime, so I saw soooo many of them in my life. It's really hard to choose only one from them, but I can really recommend the movies from Studio Ghibli. I love 'PONYO', 'Howl's moving castle', 'Spirited away'... and much more! Another Anime I really adore is 'Digimon'. *ha ha* I love the first and the second season so much! 

3. Your favorite country and why? 
-> This is a really difficul question... I love Japan and I'm very interested in this country, but I also love Germany, because here is my home and my friends and all places I know my whole life. I also like France, South Korea and Singapore, but I've never been there and I also don't know muuuuch about those places, so I really don't know. Sorry.

4. Do you have Idols? Wich and why?
-> Yes and no. Of course I have people who inspiring me and I also want to reach what they reached in their life, but I think I don't have a one and only Idol in my life.

5. Are you happy with yourself?
-> Never... but this is a part of illness. 

6. Is there a fashion style you like best? 
->  No. I love so many stlyes and kinds of fashion and I would love to try everything once in my life. Fashion is really interesting, I love it.

7. Your favorite number?
-> 10

8. Do you have a special talent? 
-> Talking without sense? (XD) No, I think I don't have any special talents.

9. Do you have more female or male friends? 
-> Female friends. I never had much male friends.

10. Do you think this award is annoying? If yes: I'm sorry. >.<
-> *ha ha* No. I like it. (^-^)


Do you know Akai Kuchibiru??? No? You should really check this blog! At the moment, Angi (the owner of this blog) is hosting a giveaway and I will try my luck. (^-^) 

You can find all informations for this giveaway >> here << 
So please take a look on her blog and her giveaway and maybe you will like it and follow her, too?

bye bye

Freitag, 23. August 2013

[giveaway] Thank you for 100(+24) Follower GIVEAWAY

Hey (^-^/)) 

FINALLY!!! Welcome to my very first GIVEAWAY!♥

Original I wanted to do this as I reached the 100 followers, but since one part of the prices let me wait such a loooong time, I wasn't able to do it before. Anyway... I'm so glad about every reader of my blog and really want to thank you with this little giveaway. I never thought that so many people would read my boring stuff here and I'm just touched. (;//////;)

super kawaii Tarepanda plush

two different sticker sets - sparkling dogs and mushrooms

 romantic anna sui style mirror + Hello Kitty notebook

san-x Korilakkuma feat. mister donut strap + nikukyuclub screen cleaner

delicious Taro mochi + hot lips lipbalm by H&M

Please follow the rules:

- This giveaway is for all my lovely readers (national&international), that's why you have to be a public follower of my blog via GFC or BLOGLOVIN! 
-You have to share this giveaway on your blog or facebook with a link to this entry. Of course you can use all the photos for this.
- You have to leave a comment under this post inlcuding your name, mail-adress, GFC/BLOGLOVIN-name, and the link to your blog-entry/facebook where you shared my giveaway. 

+ You can earn one more lot if you tell me what you like about my blog and what do you like to see more here, in your comment.

As I wrote, you can earn two lots. One for the following+sharing stuff and one more for giving me a little feedback. Please make sure that you are following me as a public follower and if you share my giveaway on facebook, please do it also public, because I will check everything carefully and sort out everyone who don't follow the rules. Sorry. 

After the giveaway ends, I will draw very oldschool. I will write all your names on the lots and put them into a box to draw the winner. *ha ha*

The GIVEAWAY ends:

13.09.2013 -> 16.09.2013
(I had to change the end-date because of the Connichi, sorry)


Freitag, 16. August 2013

[review] Swap-bot

Hey (^-^)

This time I will tell you something about my addiction for Swap-bot
I don't know if someone of my readers know this site, but I'm really addicted to it! Swap-bot is a place where you can swap things, with people from the whole world. I found it through a penpal and I'm still glad about it. I swapped sometimes with friends and my penpals so it was nothing new for me, but Swap-bot gave me a place to find swaps I like and try also new things.

Here you see three of my first swaps. Pretty easy ones - just some kawaii memo sheets and such stuff. You get ratings for your swap: 5 with a heart, 5, 3 or 1. If you get a swap in theme + an extra, you give a 5 with a heart, if you get a swap which fit the theme, you give a 5, if you get something but it don't fit the theme, you give a 3 and if you should get nothing, you can give a 1. But normally it don't happends. 
Of course you need some good ratings for bigger or expensive swaps, that your partner and the host of the swap can be sure you will send something.

On Swap-bot you can do private swaps, or join public swaps and group swaps. You can also find swaps to nearly every theme you can imagine: Postcards, Kawaii themed, photography, drawing, crafting, accessories, knitting, ... and many more. Of course you can also open swaps by yourself. 

Did you ever swapped with friends or via an online-community? Are you interested in such stuff? What kind of things would you like to swap?

For more informations:

Dienstag, 13. August 2013

[gets] ☆random GETS☆

Hey (^-^) 

I didn't wrote my monthly GETS-post, the last times because I was always to busy or lazy or whatever. I'm sorry. (v///v) But I always made the photos, so I want to show you all the new stuff, I've bought over the last months. *he he* 
Since it's a lot of stuff, I will divide it, enjoy...♥

Make up

 essence colour & go - absolutely blue

essence floral GRUNGE - black to the roots

essence Oz the GREAT and POWERFUL - winds of change

essence CRACKING top coat - crack me! black

O.P.I. - moon over mumbai (won it in a giveaway)

Clothes and accessoires

cute little bones from claire's

simple black cross from claire's

silver clef necklace from NEWYORKER

silver cross necklace from NEWYORKER

light purple headband from NEWYORKER

 super-cute leo Hello Kitty metal bag from H&M childrens section (gift from yase)

tutu-anna lace socks (won it in a giveaway)

leo Hello Kitty phone strap (won it in a giveaway)

snake Hello Kitty strap (won it in a giveaway)

golden necklace (won it in a giveaway)

 Alice and the Pirates pink & golden socks (won it in a giveaway)

little black skull bag (gift from chibi)

checked flat shoes (gift from chibi)

studded cross earrings from six

clear & light purple handbag from six ♥

black corsage handbag (gift from chibi)

vk-ish umbrella (gift from chibi) 

Otaku stuff

GACKT - Journey through the decade & some stickers (gift from Kimie)

ongaku to hito cover: DIR EN GREY & Akira book from CDJapan (<- want to see more of Akiras book?)

VAMPS - VAMPS & DIR EN GREY - THE UNRAVELING pre-order edition from NeoTokyo

 Hello Kitty notebook from ebay

some yaoi manga, but i gave most of them away (gift from Tina)

adorable Vocaloid Gakupo Nendoroid (*Q*) i got it second-hand from ebay

super-cute NGE christmas Kaworu from J-store

Vocaloid Kaito mini Nendoroid (gift from Minako)

AWESOME Vocaloid Miku from ebay (saw such already @ Hanami this year, but didn't bought one and now I found this cutie from a japanese seller)

kawaii stickers and stamp-set from Accessorize ♥

DIR EN GREY - THE UNRAVELING eu-press & Oblivion Dust - Oblivion Dust from NeoTokyo and ebay

Satsuki - ROMANCE signed from facebook 

light pink Nemuneko from RUNE shop (won it in a giveaway)

 the cute uchiwa I got from RUNE shop with my Nemuneko

ADAMS cheki (netherlands) from facebook

Satsuki cheki (cologne or hamburg) from facebook ♥

Marco Polo guidebooks Tokyo & Japan on sale from the local book store

decoden kit from facebook

Dragin Ball Z figure (got it for free) is someone interested? I would give it for a good price

Food and other stuff

some food from the local asia supermarket

a friend of mine found a cute little tea salon and i really enjoyed shopping there! I bought some taro mochi, macha cookies and a little cake filled with red berries. You can also see a nice postcard, a friend bought me on his last trip and a nail polish 

That's it! (XD) You see, it's really a lot, but it's the summary of nearly 4 month, so it's okay. *ha ha* I hope I have not bored you too much. My next entry will be something special so stay tuned!♥

bye bye