Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2013

Last words about the Hanami 2013 and some other stuff

Hey! (^-^) 

It's me again. As you may know, I wanted to do a last entry about the Hanami - Con meets festival, with all the videos I made on this weekend, but I decided to don't do it! Why? My videos are just to worst to show them in a whole entry and so I will only gave you the URL to my YouTube-account, so you can watch them, or not. >> *click me* <<
Also some of you asked me why I didn't showed any photos of myself, of this weekend. *ha ha* That's really easy! It's because I had no Cosplay or any other special outfit and so I didn't made a photo of myself. But if you are interested in more photos of myself, just let me know and I will try to do some for you. I'm really unphotogenic... *ha ha* 

Anyway.. At the moment I'm thinking of some new parts for my blog. At the past month, I wrote a lot about shopping and special events, but I want to show you more different things of my life and my taste, so... What would you like to see on my blog?

And I totally forgot to tell you that I will be on the DIR EN GREY concert, next month! OMG! How could I forgot this??? (>////////<) I will go there with two friends and I will meet also a super-cute penpal of me, who will take us with her car, back to home sweet home. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR IT! 

our tickets (photo is taken from svenjas FB, because I forgot to make a photo)

I really can't wait for the concert, and I hope Kyo will feel better soon, that he can enjoy his time here... maybe just a little bit. (I know he don't likes to be oversea)

So please let me know, what you would like to see on my blog, or what you like to see more. I'm really looking forward to this. 

bye bye

Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

DIR EN GREY ticket for SALE

Just a short entry...

A friend of mine is selling some tickets for the DIR EN GREY concert, which is on the 11th june. Please take a look on this link, Thank you!

Freitag, 24. Mai 2013

Hanami 2013 - Gallery *short entry*

Hey hey! (^-^) 

This is another entry about the Hanami - Con meets festival 2013, I hope you are not tired of them. *ha ha* 
This time I will show you some booths of the Gallery, which was upstairs. A lot of people had their little booths there to sell their selfmade goods and show their drawings. It was pretty interesting and I also bought their some cute kitty-hair accessories. (^-^)

The guy looks really disinterested (XD)
Looks nice, hu?
Creepy but cute owls (XD)
We all loved this shirt! (XD)

I'm sorry, because of the less photos. (v_v) There were many other booths, but I totally forgot to take some photos of them. (T////T)

My next entry will be the last one about the Hanami 2013, so I hope you will stay tuned and enjoy also my up coming entry!

bye bye

Montag, 20. Mai 2013

Hanami 2013 - Cosplayers and other creatures

Hey! (^-^) 

As I told you before, I will show you also some cosplayers and other people I photographed on this weekend. I made only a few photos, because of the bad weather on the first day. But on the second day, it was really sunny and warm and I made some snaps of some interesting cosplays. 

Interesting Kigu-group
Rei and Asuka
Hana and Aiko
Blurry Naruto group... (x_x'')
Blurry Zabuza (;////;)
Inu Yasha... with shoes (XD)
Buggy and Alvida
Tuxedo Mask (XD)
Awesome Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
And everyone loves My little pony! (XD)
A classical Lolita 

As I said... not many photos. I'm really sorry for that. But sometimes it feels like, that the good Cosplayers only stops for reflex cameras. (=_='') You can see it very well on Animexx: "Oh no one wanted a photo of me..."...but if you are asking them on a convention, they will look at you like: "WHAAAAT??? You have only a little trashy digicam, that's too low-class for me!" I really don't like this fact!  ....and don't tell me I'm wrong, I had this situation so many times on different conventions!

What about you? Do you like Cosplay? Did you ever cosplayed something? What do you think about cosplayers? 

bye bye 

Samstag, 18. Mai 2013

Hanami 2013 - Stuff and goods/part 2

Hey hey! (^-^)

This is the 2nd part of my stuff&goods entry. I will also show you the stuff I bought on this weekend. But first, I have something to share.... I'm selling some stuff at the moment here >> *click me* << !!! Some manga, accessoiries and different japanese magazines are on sale now, so please take a look on it. Thank you. (^-^)

My beloved Kaito... I WANT YOU!!!!(T///////T)
Mr. Satan is still the hero of Dragon Ball Z!!! (XD)
A little bit of hentai is everywhere! (XD)
I just love K-press! Very cute and unique japanese stuff and the seller was so kind and funny
My beloved Jiji was too expensive! (>_<'') I can't wait to buy a Jiji in Japan, someday. (T_T)
...surprised!!! (XD)
Adorable One Piece figures... Sanji is my absolutly favorite!
Sexy Ace.. (*_*)

That's it! I saw a lot of cool and funny stuff and of course, I also bought some stuff for myself. *he he* Take a look: 

Huge Shappo plush, Weiß Kreuz vol. 5 DVD, Meine Liebe manga vol. 1-4, Neiji oneshot manga, Bokutachi wa shitte shimatta manga vol. 7, Nana&Ren&Hachiko key chains, two Kutusita Nyanko memo pads, K-ON memo pad, Vocaloid Ren&Rin notebook, Stitch mini-envelopes, Kenshin gachapon, Kuroshitsuji Ciel key chain, Vocaloid Ren key chain and selfmade hairbands with cute Kittys(<- inside of Shappos hat)

The next entry will be about cosplay and I will show you all photos I made from the cool cosplayers, I saw on this weekend. I hope you will enjoy them.

bye bye