Dienstag, 30. April 2013

SERIEN - und wie bist du so? (german)

Die geniale Anni hat vor kurzem eine Blogparade gestartet: SERIEN - und wie bist du so? Ich fand das Thema ziemlich interessant, da ich (wie viele von euch sicherlich auch) schon immer ziemlich viele Serien geschaut habe und dabei natürlich auch immer mal wieder Vergleiche zu dem einen oder anderen Charakter entstanden sind. Würde ich alle Serien auflisten wollen, die mich in meinem bisherigen Leben so begleitet haben, würde ich sicherlich morgen noch an diesem Eintrag sitzen! Da er aber heute veröffentlicht werden soll, wäre das wohl ehr kontraproduktiv. (XD) 

Die erste Serie, an die ich mich ganz bewusst erinnere und von der auch keine Folge verpasst werden durfte, war wohl Sailor Moon. Ich habe den Anime geliebt und ehrlich gesagt, ich tue es auch heute noch! Ich bin damals durch eine Freundin in der Grundschule darauf gekommen, denn zu dieser Zeit lief Sailor Moon noch am Wochenende, zu einer unmenschlichen Zeit, auf dem ZDF. Erst später bekam der Anime dann seinen Sendeplatz beim RTL2 und auch da saß ich natürlich jeden Nachmittag vor dem TV, fieberte meinen Lieblingskriegerinnen entgegen und 'tanzte' das Opening mit. (jaaahhh ich gebe es zu!(>/////<)) 
Dabei hatte ich zu einer der Kriegerinnen einen ganz besonderen Bezug:

Sailor Mars war mein absoluter Lieblingscharakter in der Serie! Noch heute finde ich, dass sie die hübscheste der Sailor Kriegerinnen ist, ich mag ihre Geschichte und ihren Charakter und der ist meinem, an so mancher Stelle, sogar recht ähnlich: 
Sie ist eine sehr leidenschaftliche Person, allerdings hat man oft das Gefühl, dass es ihr schwerer fällt Vertrauen zu fassen, als dem Rest ihrer Freundinnen. Ihre Gefühle kann sie oft nicht gut ausdrücken, was man deutlich an ihrem Umgang mit Usagi erkennt, denn obwohl sie sie sehr gern hat, gelingt es ihr nicht immer das auch offen zu zeigen. Außerdem ist sie ein Comic-fan und sehr penibel mit ihren Sachen.(Ich mags auch nicht wenn man meine Heiligtümer begrabscht, ohne zu fragen)
Das sind alles Dinge die auch auf mich ziemlich genau zutreffen!

Als Kind hab ich auch immer mit meinen Grundschulfreunden 'Sailor Moon' gespielt und dabei habe ich immer und ausschließlich die Rolle der Sailor Mars übernommen, vielleicht gerade weil ich eine gewisse Ähnlichkeit zu meinem eigenen Charakter erkenne?

Ihr wollt sehen was die anderen aus der Blogparade so gepostet haben?
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Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

Shop review // Modes4u

Most of you already know the famous shop for kawaii stuff, named Modes4u! But for all those people, who aren't know it, I will do my little shop review! (^_^)
I promise, my next enrty will be a normal one! *he he*

Let's start with the facts:

Shop: Modes4u
First order?: No
Payment: Transfer to a german bank account
Shipping time: Arround two weeks
Shipping coast: Arround 8€
Costums?: No

Modes4u always pack their packages very well. At my last order every piece was wraped with bubble wrap and this time they used strong cardboard to protect my order from everything! Of course, also a delivery note was in the package, but I didn't took a photo of it. Btw. I love the little plastic bag! It's always nice to pull out such a cute package! (^_^)

Here you can see my order. Unfortunately it's not my whole order, because I also bought some gifts for friends there and I can not show them here, sorry. But I bought a letter set two different stickers and for Yase, I bought the very cute Snow white memo pad! Everything looks really cute and as a free gift, I got a cute pink deco tape with Paris theme!

The letter set isn't really special but I like the design. I really needed a new one because I love writing letters with my friends and always love to use such cute paper for it. I didn't made a picture of the front (>////<''), but here you can see all different designs. 
I paid arround 5,50€ for it and you can find it here >> *click*

This is the awesome memo pad which looks like a real book! It includes different designs and even if I'm not a huge fan of snow white, I would also buy this memo pad for me! Isn't it cute?
She paid arround 5€ for it and you can find it here >> *click*

Two different sticker sheets. I really fell in love with the rolling stone stickers. They are so cool and special, I never saw them before! And I'm really sorry for the blurry photo, but the other stickers are baby chicken. I collect cute stickers and I also love to use them, from time to time, for my letters and decorating some stuff. (^_^)
It seems that the chicken stickers, are sold out. 
For the 'rolling stones' I paid arround 2€ and you can find them here >> *click*

This is the tape I got as a free gift. 
I couldn't find it in the shop, but I found nearly the same as a washi tape!
You can find it here >> *click*


It was my 2nd or 3rd order, so there was nothing really new for me. It's very positive that you can select many languages and also german, because the shop owner is speaking german and it's also good that you don't have to use (but you can) a creditcard or Paypal, because they also have a german bank account! The order is really easy and the stuff is original, so don't be afraid because of fakes! 
Sometimes the prices are to heavy, but you can find also very good and cheap things at ther 'Special offer'! 
The only bad thing is the long shipping way. Okay, this time I had luck and just had to wait arround 2 weeks, but at my last order I waited for nearly 6 weeks! It's because they are shipping from Hong Kong, but if this is no problem for you, or if you make your order very early, it's not a real problem! (^_^)

If you want to know more about the shop history and the team, please check it here >> *click*

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Mittwoch, 17. April 2013


Hey guys. (^_^)

Yesterday I got a note from DHL which told me that I have to pick up a package at the local post office. 

It's my modes4u order! Of course I will do a review about it. (^_^) Do you like my shop-reviews?

Up comming stuff:

- modes4u shop review
- Sakura nights
- Kik haul
- SALE post

This is what I planned for this month. I hope I can do it all. Next month I will also do some interesting entries here. (Hanami convention, Give-away, CD Japan review, Neo Tokyo review,....) So please take a look on it. (^_^)

bye bye

Dienstag, 16. April 2013

Shop review // easyshopping678

Hey guys (^_^)

Finally I got my order from Easyshopping678, so why don't do a little review about it?!

Here the facts:

First order?: Yes
Payment: Paypal
Shipping time: Arround 2 month
Shipping coast: None
Customs?: No

The packing was a little disappointing. As you see, I ordered also glasses and the seller dosen't used any bubble wrap or something to protect it. Every piece came in a little plastic bag, so at least I had no scratches on my new glasses. Also, there was no delivery note. 

That's what I've bought. Fake glasses, golden ribbon necklace with pearls, necklace with white pendant and silver bones pierces.

Here you can see the glasses I bought. You can not see it very well, but the frame has a light leo pattern. The glasses are really big, but I like this kind of nerd style. 
I paid arround 2€ for them, you can find them here >> *click*

A very cute necklace, but the material is really cheap. I don't think that this necklace will stay a long time with me. 
I paid arround 1€ for it, you can find it here >> *click*

This necklace was the reason for my order and I'm really saticfied with it. The material is a little heavy and seems really strong. The necklace is long, which I really like. 
I paid arround 1€ for it, you can find it here >> *click*

At the moment I'm really into creepy fashion, so I just had to buy this pair of bone pierces. The material is heavy and I don't tryed them yet, but I think they will be a little heavy if I'm wearing them. I also need other stopper, because they are a little loose. 
I paid arround 1,50€ for it, you can find it here >> *click*


It was my first order at this shop, but I'm not sure if I would do it again. To be honest, I was waiting for 2 month for this package! Of course I contacted the shop, after one month and they answered me and resend the package to me, but I saw that they also got a lot of bad ratings at the past. The prices are really nice and the shipping is also free, but I don't know if I can trust them. 

bye bye

Donnerstag, 11. April 2013

[event] ☆On the road - Duesseldorf☆

Hey guys (^_^)

Last saturday, I went to Duesseldorf for a little shopping-trip, with some friends and it was a really nice day. I had to wake up very early, but I tryed to style myself a little bit....

It's not special or something and my hair looks a little short on this photo. (>_<'') 
We took the train at 7:20am, because it's a long way from Heidelberg to Duesseldorf! But it's okay, if you have some friends with you, it's never boring! *he he* 

Maybe you can see it... We needed 4(!!!) trains and reached Duesseldorf at 1pm! It was a loooong journey, but as I said, it wasn't boring or stressful. (^_^)
But guess what we saw as we arrived... a Lolita-meeting! Of course I made some stalker-photos! *he he*

Beautiful dresses on beautiful girls. (*_*) 
But I didn't made more photos, because we left the mainstation and went to the cute 'My heart' bakery!  

I heared a lot of this bakery and always wanted to try something from there. I also went to other japanese bakeries, at the past, but 'My heart' was the best! 
I bought one matchapan, one creampan, one melonpan, one takoyaki-man and of course my beloved currypan! Yummy... it was so damn delicious!!! (NO! I didn't ate all of them on this day, but I had a very delicious breakfast on the next day *he he*)

After we had a belated breakfast, we went to the 'OCS' store. I know I know, it closed on the 31th march, but luckily they had a one-day special-sale on the 6th april and so we got the chance to visit the 'OCS' for the last time! 

I felt a little bit sad, as I saw the nearly empty store, but I was glad that we had the chance to visit the store for the last time. Of course I bought some stuff there, but I will show my purchases at the end of this entry. (^_^)

We went to the 'Nippon bookstore' and met Daniela, a friend of mine. Together we went to my favorite store... 'TAKAGI'

Oh, I really love 'TAKAGI'! Can you see the adorable Ciel-plush which wears a cow-kigurumi? Isn't it cute? I really love this plush, I hope I can buy it someday! (*_*) If you don't know this shop, you should really visit it, on your next trip to Duesseldorf! I like the fact that the shop is so small and full of adorable stuff. I want to have such a room, at my home. *he he* 

After we left 'TAKAGI', we went to some supermarkets to buy some sweets and snacks. I really love japanese and korean snacks and sweets, so I always buy something, if I'm in Duesseldorf. Of course we went to the supermarkets at the Immermannstrasse:

I bought a very delicious ice-cream sandwich which looks like a fish, unfortunately I made the photo AFTER I start to ate him. *he he*
But we also visit a supermarket with funny figures in their store window:

*he he* Looks so cute! (XD) I really like this supermarket, the second floor is full of cute key-chains, figures, fans, decoration stuff and nice dishes. I like such messy shops! (XD)

After a looooooot of shopping, we were really hungry... and what is better for hungry people than a huge bowl of Ramen? ....NOTHING! (XD)
We went to 'TAKUMI' to eat something and it was my first time at this place, but I really liked it.

I choose Miso Ramen with seaweed and Takoyaki and it was damn delicious! (*_*) I could ate this everyday! (XD) Do you ever tryed real Ramen? This was my second time and I wish that Heidelberg would also have a good Ramen-bar.
After it, we went to the famous 'RELAX Café' to drink something, because we had some time before we had to left Duesseldorf.

Finally I got my beloved Creamsoda! (*_*) I love Creamsoda... I can't live without this drink! *he he* 
We spend a great time there and it was really funny. I hope we didn't disturb no one. (XD) We stayed a little time there and after it, we went back to the mainstation, to leave Duesseldorf. 
It was a really long day and because I woke up very early, I was a little tired and glad, as we reached our train.

Bye bye Duesseldorf... of course we checked our new stuff in the train. Yase with her new Out of music magazine... GACKT looks so wonderful!!! (*_*)

We reached our home at 1am and I was totally tired, but I made some photos from my stuff to show it here and I will also show the food I bought at the bakery and 'Waraku' ( yes, we also bought some Onigiri):

Tuna-mayo and Sake-mayo  

 OCS: HYDE photobook, GACKT postcardbook, three letter sets, two memo pads and a compact mirror which looks like Anna Sui designs.
 TAKAGI: Mameshiba memo pad, kawaii letter set and cute Alice flake stickers.
Supermarkets: Tako chips, grape gumms, peach gumms, lychee candy, soda sticks, pretz, grape drink, sugar stars,...

I had a lot of fun with my friends and I really enjoyed this trip to Duesseldorf. I hope I can come again, soon.

bye bye